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        1. Master of Science in Medical Sciences

          Master of Science in Medical Sciences

          Analyze Your Performance

          With Real-Time Data


          Your MCAT Scores

          11 months

          to completion

          Flipped Classroom


          Increase Your Success in Medical Graduate Programs

          In 2018, over 221,662 college graduates competed for 50,000 first-year allopathic medical 江西11选5走势图 seats. Competition for osteopathic medical programs, dental 江西11选5走势图s and other health care professional 江西11选5走势图s is also steep.

          Saint Xavier University's MSMS degree program is here to help you demonstrate to medical sciences programs that you have the academic ability to succeed and thrive in their rigorous curricula.

          In under one year, our Master of Science in Medical Sciences (MSMS) degree will allow you to further develop and enhance your academic record to prepare you to apply, or reapply, to these programs.

          Our transformational learning system includes everything you need to succeed:

          While some students begin medical 江西11选5走势图 immediately after graduating from college, the majority of students in health sciences programs take a year or more to further develop their academic, professional and personal qualifications before applying. There are many ways to invest in your individual development during these years. The Medical Sciences program includes professional and personal development support to foster your holistic growth at SXU.

          Hear how the MSMS program is helping David reach his dreams:

          Transition to Professional and Medical Schools

          Upon graduating from this program, you will apply to professional 江西11选5走势图s with the confidence of knowledge, experience and higher admission exam scores.

          Saint Xavier University aids you even more by guaranteeing a medical 江西11选5走势图 entry interview with Ponce Health Sciences University, an M.D. program in Ponce, Puerto Rico, to the top 20% of the class.

          Additional affiliation agreements with professional health care programs are being actively pursued to help our graduates have a smooth transition into their program of choice.

          The SXU Difference

          Once in medical graduate programs, SXU will have provided you a head start, so that during your first year, you are studying material you are familiar with. This familiarity can prove to be a real advantage when you find yourself facing the rigorous demands of your program.

          Although most students enter our master's program in pursuit of professional 江西11选5走势图 admission, some graduates find other health care career paths more suitable. If that happens after your first year of medical 江西11选5走势图, it will be a costly experience without obtaining any academic credentials. However, if that happens after completing a Master of Science in Medical Sciences degree, you will have a highly marketable master's degree with opportunities in viable health professions fields such as dentistry, nursing, podiatry, optometry, chiropractic, pharmacy, public health and the pharmaceutical industry.

          READ: Five Ways an MSMS Launches Your Medical Career

          The "Flipped Classroom": An Active and Personalized Educational Experience

          Engage in a "flipped classroom" learning approach. You will watch lectures and read textbooks before class, preparing you to complete immersive cases, labs and collaborative group work during class.

          Extensive testing and retesting content knowledge using USMLE-styled (United States Medical Licensing Examination®) questions builds on current educational psychology models for effective learning and prepares you for the type of questions on admission exams and future board and licensure exams.

          MSMS students working on a computer

          More Effective Time in Lab and Lecture

          Classroom experience in biochemistry, physiology, histology and anatomy is enhanced and enriched through small group learning and the use of technology such as active learning and virtual experiences. Faculty lead group discussions and administer in-class clinicals and cases via broadcast, with an on-site facilitator present for all class sessions to assist you and classmates. This pedagogy is proven to be an effective balance between technological innovation and personal interaction.

          Know Where You Need to Focus Using Data Analytics

          Our MSMS program tracks and predicts your academic success with stunning accuracy. As you delve into virtually all the material associated with the first year of medical 江西11选5走势图, you will answer thousands of questions, which will be tracked through our data system. The data collected from you and all your classmates through testing, combined with the data from all previous MSMS students, is then used to measure your comprehension, identify subjects where you need help and highlight areas where you excel.

          The MS in Medical Sciences Curriculum

          The MSMS program is a 42-credit hour, 11-month program of intensive full-time study. Please check out the program requirements in the SXU Academic Catalog for more information.

          A "biochemistry boot camp" is available before the fall term begins, and a preparation program for admission exams is available as part of the individualized advising in the program. A full-time SXU faculty member directs this program and serves as a guide to both the intense study and the other aspects of preparing your best application for professional 江西11选5走势图s. A dedicated classroom space gives MSMS students a place to develop community with each other and to support each other as you travel this leg of your professional journey together.

          Remote Learning
          (Due to COVID-19)

          11 Month Cohort

          42 Credit Hours

          Fall 江西11选5走势图, Spring 2021

          Tuition Per Credit Hour: $750
          Credit Hours to Complete: 42
          Approximate Cost: $31,500

          Course Descriptions


          Apply Now!

          Turn your dream of becoming a health care professional into reality! Please review the program's application requirements and apply online today!

          Contact Information

          If you have additional questions, please contact:

          Graduate Admission
          江西11选5走势图Phone: 773-298-3053
          Email: graduateadmission@江西11选5走势图


          Request Information

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